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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The End Begins

Since it seems that everyone and their Grandma now has a blog I decided that I should start one. Actually the real reason behind it is the fact that writing and reading blogs seems to be lots of fun. Now I am gonna take a crack at it and I hope that anyone that stumbles upon this blog can enjoy it!

Today is March 13th and after lots of hard work God of War 2 is finally out! Working on video games can be very trying but can also be very rewarding and exciting, specially during the time when the game finally comes out! I hope that everyone that owns a Ps2 will give the game a try. Many people worked very long and very hard to finish it and would greatly appreciate it if people can just forget about all their troubles for a bit and take an adventure with Kratos.

Well I don't want to go on for to long on my very first post ever so I better keep it short. I'll keep adding lots of stuff as I go along.


chengwhich said...

sweetness. i just got the Art of GOW2 book and it has some pretty cool art. charlie wen does some awesome monster faces. now i just got to get a ps2 so i can play the game. haha.

oh, i was at a gamestop in NYC's union square the other day.
The workers there seemed very stressed because they hadn't received their shipment of GOW2,
and this line of perturbed customers was starting to amass. Concerned that the customers were going to kill a worker there, i soon left. ;) anyhow, it's nice to know your game affects people on a national level. congrats!

- davin

Potatoes said...

Welcome to the universe Bruno! It's about time! Hahaha--anyway, you and your team did badass work man. We must all celebrate and toast at the launch party!

Bruno Velazquez said...

Awesome! My first 2 comments! Thanks guys.

chengwhich- Would you like a copy of the game? I'll hook you up.

potatoes- I'll be looking forward to that toast for sure!!

chengwhich said...

hey bruno,

i would love a copy of the game! thanks. anyhow, i just added you to my blog.

EKG! said...

everything bruno makes it turns people into a crazy frenzy. if you're gonna hook up Chengwhich with the game HOOK ME UP with a PS3!

Bruno Velazquez said...

chengwhich- I'll get you a copy of the game.

ekg!- I'll hook you up with a Ps3 as long as you bring me a carne asada Burrito from SD.

I LOVE YOU said...