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Thursday, April 12, 2007

God of War 2 Art Show

I just wanted to post this announcement of an upcomming event that will be held at gallery Nucleus on May 12th. It has been a pleasure to have worked with these talented guys and I encourage everyone to attend and check out all the great concept art they have created for God of War 2.


EKG! said...

hey bruno, we should meet up for some tamales and cervezas. ¿muy beuno? lets do a mini-homie reunion before/after the show. i still gotta pickup the game.

Henry said...

Nice. Hows it going dude. Congrats on God of War 2 man. Sick. You going to nucleus?

Bruno Velazquez said...

Hey guys, I will be there in May 12th, I hope you guys can make it. Things have going well so far and I am happy that the game has been well recived.

zaz said...

yo sucka!!
good job on the game. seems like the kiddies love that shit.
too bad i never got my copy from you.... i'm still waiting btw.

i'll see if me and charlene can make it up to the art show.