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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I am a big fan of and we often check out all of the content that gets posted over at the office. There are 2 shows that I always make sure I check out, Invisible Walls and Gametrailers TV. In the 2 most recent episodes there is a short discussion about upcoming games and God of War 3 is mentioned. The Editor in Chief for, Shane Satterfield, expresses his concerns for the game in both shows. He states that his main concern is that God of War 3 "is just gonna be like the last 2 games" and that he feels nervous that it will end up being a high rez God of War 2.

This got me thinking about the expectations that people have for the game. I wanted to go ahead and hear from you about what your expectations are for God of War 3. What are some of the things that you would like to see included in the game? What are some of the concerns that you may have? What things did you enjoy about part 1 and 2, as well as the PSP version?

Next week will be a big week for us so please stay tuned for more info.

P.S. Mr. Satterfield did mention that God of War 3 is his most anticipated title and that he is keeping his fingers crossed for it to be good....................I really hope we don't disappoint.


Quemador said...

Well, i don't expect a mind blowing game right now. the trailer from the spike award made sure my hope weren't that high. But i don't mind a god of war 2 HD, i mean i love god of war 1,2 and psp version. what i loved from previous Gow? puzzles, gow puzzles are the best, also the Greek environments makes a good adventure.

GuyaneseG said...

It also seem that whenever it comes to PS3 and its exclusive games they also try to bash it as much as they can. GameTrailers has always been like that. And why did they only mention only three exclusives when there is about 3 - 6 more coming out this year?

GOW 3 is in good hands and consider the director, work on both GOW on PS2. And a lot of other great talents working on it.

I want when to see Gametrialer face when you guys show them the stuff on Feb.10.

And thanks for the update Bruno :)

GuyaneseG said...

Oh, also forgot what I wanted to see included in the game:

Lots and Lots of gameplay.
Bonus Costumes to play.
Different Difficulty.
Upgrades for weapons/lots of combos.
Fun QTE (Quick Time Events)
New Magic/upgrades
Fun sex mini-game
Puzzles that make us gamers think.
Breathe taking Greek environments.

I would also like to see Behind the scenes just like what you guys did for GOW 2.

And that's pretty much it for me.

Lance said...

A large boss battle at the beginning(A God of War tradition)
The Boat Captain (Another tradition)
Sex mini-game
Epic ending
Epic Boss battles(Zeus,Poseidon,Hades)
Mind Numbing Puzzles
New Weapons
New Magic(I hope the "Efreet" comes back)
Jaw dropping QTE
Lots of replay value
Great Story
Stheno(3rd Gorgon Sister) boss battle

(P.S. If God of War 3 should Match or Surpass Metal Gear 4 in ANY POSSIBLE WAY...expect this game to be game of the year)

Lance said...

By the way. I forgot to state that the "Gorgon" sisters gaze is a God of War tradition

Anonymous said...

The only thing I really want in the new game is a killer ending. The game play is already great. Maybe tougher enemies and more variations of combos with the blades of Athena.
But other than that it's perfect.

The graphics... hm... well seeing that you already said it looks better than the first game play trailer, I have no worries. The game play we say was only pre-alpha right?

Would we really get to see any info on the 10th? I thought it was only for the press! But if we do get any info that would be amazing!

Keep up the good work! Hope this helps!

Xcalibur said...

I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the following:

Blades of Olympus
Unique Magics
Lots and Lots of Enemies
New weapons
Same Voice Actors
20 to 30 hours of gameplay
Breathe taking Visuals
Awesome QTE

Anonymous said...

Can't really be GOW 2 with HD. It doesnt seem like these guys are true god of war fans. The reason I like the game is because of the story, so there can be no GOW 2 again.

Anonymous said...

for "Xcalibur" I think that was a great list. See that Bruno? This type of feedback will allow you and the team to fulfill all of the things the fans want, and ultimately, make a better experience.

Definitely focus on the Blades of Athena ( or if you change the names of them or whatever )

It seemed like you toned down the combos a bit in the second game. Like the L1+X combo and Roll+X attack. A larger variety in combo's create a more "artistic" and "fluid" way of mutilating your opponents.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

( the L1+X combo and Roll+X combo were in the first God of War. )

Anonymous said...

Please release some of the stuff shown behind doors on Feb.10 to the public. : )

Anonymous said...

well, Bruno did say stay in tune for next week!!

Cant wait : )

Vengeance_x_ said...

^ God of war 2 HD is exactly what I am waiting for with the God of war storyline. I was even thinking they should release god of war 3 for the ps2 fans. Because I know a ton of people that havent upgraded to the PS3 yet and this game might force them to do so and in these economic times its not the easiest thing for many.

You can read more comments at:

Vengeance_x_ said...

^ God of war 2 HD is exactly what I am waiting for with the God of war storyline. I was even thinking they should release god of war 3 for the ps2 fans. Because I know a ton of people that havent upgraded to the PS3 yet and this game might force them to do so and in these economic times its not the easiest thing for many.

You can read more comments at:

Anonymous said...

that's an awesome website, thanks for the link Vengeance_x_

Anonymous said...

Four more days to to go!!!!

Anonymous said...

I will stay in tune, Bruno ;)

Anonymous said...

If All On Olympus Will Deny Me My Vengence, Then All On Olympus Will Die....EPICCC

Anonymous said...

I very exiting

Xcalibur said...

What's up Bruno?

I suggest that you guys should not feel bad about Mr.Satterfield's comments,Dont listen to him when he says GOW 3 "is just gonna be like the last 2 games"

You seriously believe that?

God of War 2 had the same God of War 1 elements, But look at the reviews all over the net(I guarantee you that you WONT see a single review saying:"God of War 2 is just like your average ordinary copy of God of War 1,just plain boring to see it repeat")

I would state that adding more features on the combat system,QTE and maintaining all the God of War traditions would give fans what they want

Well you know what they say: If it ain't broke, don't fix it

I wish The whole Santa Monica team the best of luck

Looking forward seeing God of War 3 win Game of the Year

Anonymous said...

Hey Bruno, I guess that I did quite well assuming where the part from the VGA trailer was taking place. I thought it was on top of Gaia. All the forests+ Giant mountain in the background+ Giant chain thing that Kratos Broke= how I got my assumption. I guess that by seeing the cover of the magazine, I was right.

Excuse me for a moment... YAYYYY!!!... sorry.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see what many put above
, but also I'd like to see 1 of the
lost levels (from 2) in this game.


Anonymous said...

Cant wait to get my hand on the magazine.

Anonymous said...

Another link :)

Anonymous said...

About the Atlantis comment, I agree.I would love to see that included in the game. Seeing how cowardly the gods are ( I'm looking at YOU Zeus!)Poseidon might flee to Atlantis or something, And Hades to... well Hades... , I'm not saying to change the story or anything! Only here for suggestions!

I saw the concept art for the places like Sparta and Atlantis on a few sites. Made me wish you included them. But we can't make games perfect...

I can't wait for all this GOW3 info! the GAMEINFORMER magazine, and the sneak peek on Tuesday is almost to much to handle!

I'm looking forward to see Kratos finally put an end to the gods on my PS3. WOO!

Anonymous said...

Wha I would like to see in the game:

Longer game (25+ hours)

More puzzles like in Soul reaver.

New enemies.

Clever enemies, not idiotic sandbags rushing at you...

Less QTE especially during bosses fights.

Less button clicking for doors.

A extremely gorgeous Gorgone sister, in order to make her different from her butt ugly sisters.

Different weapon who are usefull this time... Hammer and spear were useless in 2... make the weapon needed for puzzles solving of needed for particular enemies.

Anonymous said...

Check out this awesome box art!

Bruno Velazquez said...

Great comments everyone, as always.

@Xcalibur: Thanks for the link to the GOW3 fourms, there are many great discussions there. I don't feel bad about Mr. Satterfield's comments because he was just expressing his concerns about the game, not that it will turn out to be that way necessarily. I do believe that he is a big fan of the series. I just wanted to hear from you guys if you guys had concerns similar to him.

@Anonymous: Nice deduction skills in regards to the trailer. I always though we gave away a bit too much..........

@Anonymous: I always did like the concept that was done for Atlantis..

Well it looks like the Game Informer cover has been released. I'll talk about it on my next post.

Anonymous said...


What I would like to see as an improvement in GOW III is
1. a much deeper, perfectly ballanced fighting system.

2. more close combat possibilities with blades of chaos/athena.

3. open enviroments, less linear story

4. more interaction with levels

I'm sure it will rock..

Anonymous said...

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