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Thursday, March 26, 2009

GDC 2009

Thanks to everyone for all of the links on the previous post, you guys are updating faster than I can! As you probably know GDC is this week and some of my our team members are giving talks there. The first talk was today given by members of our programming team. Check out the link for more info. The second will be held tomorrow and is more closely related to my department, which is animation. The talk will be in regards to how we sut up our characters before they are passed on to animation. As you guys can tell from the previous God of Wra games, we have a wide variety of creatures that vary from in size and shapes. Some have wings, tails, tentacles, multiple legs and heads, etc... This requires very complex and unique set ups for each creature which then requires unique animations for each. This means that we hardly ever share animations between characters. I suppose it would be alot easier to make a bunch of human charcters for Krtaos to fight but what would be the fun in that right? Here is more info on tomorrow's Rigging presentation.


Here is the first feedback from today's presentation:

SCE Santa Monica developers Jim Tilander and Vassily Fillipov presented a speech on God of War III's technology at GDC today, and as a reward for sitting quietly through the class, the two gave the crowd a peek at some gameplay footage of the anticipated title.
The video showed Kratos approaching a small, rocky area. The camera zoomed in to show a wounded soldier, then smoothly zoomed back to the over-the-shoulder view as a dozen or so spear-wielding enemies leapt down from above.
At one point a giant cyclops lept down to face Kratos, leading the player to jump on top of the beast in a series of timed button presses. What followed was a predictable scene of mayhem, as Kratos rode the cyclops in circles, a kill counter keeping track of his destruction.
Tilander and Fillipov explained that the game will not be locked at 60 frames per second, and will likely drop below that during intense scenes. However, it will never fall below 30 frames per second.
Responding to a question about cloth physics, Tilander also revealed that God of War 3 doesn't actually do any physics processing.
"I guess you might be surprised to hear this, but God of War 3 doesn't have physics," said Tilander. "So does that answer your question?"

There you have it guys. This should answer some of your framerate questions.


Anonymous said... - God of War 3 GDC Footage! :)

Hey Bruno..

What's up with the laggin when Kratos begins to ride the cyclops ? said...

Riding circles is fxxking boring,which is too invincible to the others,and movements are dull.
The balance of control and apparence should be adjusted.

lalapin said...

From Joystig , the framerate is rock solid , that laggin is probably due to bad decoding.

樓上的 , 這影片只是技術展示而以
輕攻擊 重攻擊 X好像是範圍技
別那麼急 , 這片子本來就不是要給玩家看的 , 這是Tech demo said...

This tech demo is just so so.
Hope final version would be better

Bruno Velazquez said...

You guys are all correct, this is work in progress and was shown as a demo. This does not represent the final product. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

There's NO lag.

It's cinematic slow motion like the Matrix.

Gee people are retarded these days.

Bruno Velazquez said...

@ Anonymous:

Lol, nice, just the effcet that we were going for "bullet time", or in Kratos case "arrow time" I suppose.

EDK1010 said...

They said we wouldn't be able to see the footage yet. ( press couldn't record it. And although we DID get the video, don't you think the fans should see as well? I mean the comments would be much better to help your game out.

Hope somebody will be brave enough to record today's session as well said...



Anonymous said...

...must resist from watching any spoiler containing videos, but the interviews on playstation blog are awesome!!!!!!!

keep the updates coming Bruno!

Xcalibur said...

I have one concern about the cyclops riding mechanic

Dosent Kratos seem pretty overpowered while on a cyclops? I mean the enemies could do nothing at that point.

Bruno Velazquez said...

@ Endless: Thanks for the link. I tried going to your web site a while back and it wasn't working. Glad to see it up and running.

@Xcalibur: Good observations. All I can say is that there other elements to the ride sequence that were not demonstrated in the video you saw. Also the person playing the game was only using one of the buttons avaiable, if you look closely towards the end of the video you can see the cyclops performing a different move.

izomax said...

Looks like the texture has improved since the last trailer, so good progress there. However there's still a lot of room for improvement on lighting. said...

To Bruno Velazquez,
Check the second one,hope you can watch it.

By the way,we give u the feedback by email,and u forget further respond,didn't u?


Anonymous said...

The soldiers protect Helios.

there are Morpheus in gow3?

lalapin said...

This footage reminds me Diablo series especially Diable 2.

I think GoW franchise is perfect for Arpg or sandbox game.
Greek mythology , monsters , gods perfect !!!!!

BTW , Burno , have you ever heard of Demon's Souls , it's from From Softwar .
I know it's not released in NA yet , but this Arpg focus more on the action , and have all the character customization left for players . It's pretty awesome .

This game is pretty much i expect for a GoW Arpg , if you guys really want to expand GoW into anther gerne . You shoukd definitely give Demon's Souls a shot , it's awesome .

Anonymous said...

What does it mean that the game doesn't do any physics processing? I thought I saw ragdolls on the leaked footage from GDC, doesn't that count as physics?

Bruno Velazquez said...

@ENDLESS: I got the feedback but it semed like it was not really about
the Trailer specifically. Thanks for the second link, I guess more than one
person recorded footage!

@Anonymous: Hmmm, does look like they are protecting someone huh?

@Lalapin: Interesting comments, Diablo is a pretty cool game and I am very excited
about part 3. I haven't seen anything on Demon's Souls, can you send me a link?

@Anonymous: We don't use physics processing in the game engine. All the
animtion that you saw in that footage is 100% keyframe. We don't use Ragdoll,
Havok, or Euphoria. I personally feel that Ragdoll has only been used
correctly in one game, Killzone 2. I also think that GTA4 uses Euphoria
well, although still buggy, especially when pedestrains interact with cars.
I really like Gears of War 2 but I was really let down by their use of
Ragdoll. Their artist and animators worked so hard to create these
bad ass, Heavy looking characters with tons of armor and great weight
in their animations and then when you kill them they collapse
into weightless puppets that you can kick around. That really
took me out of the game.

lalapin said...

Although it is arpg , the gameplay is pure action game . Collecting souls and materials to upgrade status , weapons and this game is extremely hard ,one difficulty setting .

It's a lot different from Diable-like arpg .
this is prototype , open world action game like inFamous .

Anonymous said...

Castlevania psp

Ghost'ngoblins psp

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response regarding the animation.

I've noticed the bad use of Ragdoll physics in Gears, as well as many other games. It feels like enemies turn into a piece of carton when they die. There doesn't seem to be a division of weight across the body parts too, so their corpses become twisted in an unrealistic way.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

EDK1010 said...

Bruno, I have a question ( if you ever get around to answering it )

The music from that 1 minute gameplay thing we saw sounded like the music from GOW2. I'm sure I heard it there before.

Now that leads me to this, will God of War 3 have an ENTIRELY new soundtrack, or will it be like Chains of Olympus, with some new, some old?

Anonymous said...

....just watched the leaked gameplay footage from GDC, one question Bruno, why do the buttons pop up from sides of the screen during the cyclops minigame? I hope this will be fixed so its like GOW1 and GOW2........ said...

Uncharted2 GDC09 VIDEO:

It looks better than GOW3.However,Santa Monica and Naughty Dog are "good friends".

Thinking GOW3 TEAM can extract some essence from Uncharted2.

Bruno Velazquez said...

@lalapin: Thanks for the links!

@Anonymous: I have both Castlevaina and Ghost and Goblins
on PSP. I had a blast playing them.

@EDK1010: I recommend you check out the Titan trailer once
more and listen to the music since it is all newly written. That
is a taste of what the music will be like. I would say that you
should expect similar themes to be revisited just like
in all Star Wars films where different themes are used for specific

@Anonymous: Good observation. What you saw is still
a work on progress and does not necessarily reflect what
the final game will be like.

@Endless: I’m glad you like Uncharted 2! Any PS3
Exclusive title that does well and is enjoyed by everyone
is good news for us. I'm defenetily looking forward to playing it myself.

You are correct about us being good friends with Naughty Dog.
Our offices are actually only one block away from each other.

Anonymous said...

thats good to hear Bruno, by the way, those buttons look pretty kool with the new fiery theme they have going on ^_^

EDK1010 said...

Wow! so you're saying that the music from the trailer is what the actual music will be like? That's sweet! That sounded like the music you would put into a movie, not a game!

Now the entire package is complete. Gameplay, graphics, music, and a nice heap of dead gods. What could possibly be better?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bruno..

I have a question..

If you take an enemy and ram him into a pack of others will that activate The Agent Smith moment by it self or is it possible to ram a pack without being jump?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bruno..

I have a question..

If you take an enemy and ram him into a pack of others will that activate The Agent Smith moment by it self or is it possible to ram a pack without being jump?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm a giant fan of the God Of War series, God Of War one took me by storm, and GOW 2 completely amazed me. Theres a questions that i'd really like to ask you, you don't need to go into details; here it goes: How would you describe you're budget that you have received for GOW3, compared to GOW 1 and 2?
thank you very much in advance. can't wait for the release. said...

To Bruno,

Yep,we got the photos that your studio staff played tennis with Naughty Dog's.

Last,check your email.

lalapin said...

Hey Bruno
I got another question , as far as i can remember , minotaur is the only monster that you can throw it's weapon back to him . I was wondering why this feature didn't implement into other monsters in GOW2 .

Will this feature be implemented in GOW3 besides parry system against monster s that you can't grapple them until the circle button up ??

Bruno Velazquez said...

@Anonymous: You can ram into other enemies without being jumped.

@Anonymous: All I can say is that we have enough resources to make a game as good and better than GOW1 and 2.

@Endless: Actually we were playig Dodge ball on a tennis court.

@Lalapin: That was a cool feature in GOW2. We always try for each enemy to have at least on unique aspect and the Minotuar happen to have that one in the previous game. Perhaps we will revisit that same idea in other characters.... Please stay tuned.

lalapin said...

thx for the answer , got another question again ^^

Will the QTE differ depending on the position related to enemies after the circle pop up.

The reason why i ask is because in previous games , if kratos is behind the enemies then they will have to roatate all the way to the preset direction , it feels weird and repetitive .
So i think adding more fatality depending on the position would much enhance the experience , right ?!

EDK1010 said...

Well its only an animation, they might do something different, but I doubt it. I was fine with it though.

I really have to thank you Bruno, you're the only guy who's kept us from being completely in the dark about this game. And the only guy who updates his blog. Thanks man.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bruno. I have some questions, How long is God of War III going to be, compared with the previous games in the series?

Is there going to be cinematic cutscenes in God of War III or will all the cutscenes be running with the in-game engine?

GuyaneseG said...

Hi Bruno,

By any chance would you guys do a Collectors Edition?

The other guys and I would like to see something like that.

Bruno Velazquez said...

@lalapin: Well I don't think I can go too much into detail about the circle button throws since we are still working on them. i will say however that they are some of the most graphic and viloent ones in GOW history so far.

@EDK1010: Np, just wanna make the best game possible so GOW fans can enjoy!

@Anonymous: I can't really say exactly how long the game will be exactly since we are putting it together right now. I will have to say that there is alot of story to tell however. As far as the cutscenes, I will only say that we are gonna try to keep up the quality of the cutscenes from previous games. The Titan trailer is a good example of what our cinematics team is capable of.

@Guyanese: To be honest with you, I was glad that there was no Collectors Edition for GOW2. I was glad that everyone that bought the game also got the bonus materials. It seems that now every single game comes out with a super delux edition (GTA4, SF4,
RE5, Halo e etc..). I'm not sure if I'm a big fan of these editions but since it seems to be the trend, I would not be surprised if GOW3 also had a CE.

GuyaneseG said...

thanks for the response Bruno

I LOVE YOU said...