Wednesday, July 22, 2009

REAL Blades of Chaos

Cheke these out guys:

You can pre-order here

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Can it cut bacon?lol

BTW,I have to say your GOW3 marketing really sucks,comparing to "your neighbour" Naughty Dog's Uncharted 2.

You should spoil more interesting and innovative thing to keep your fans close and expand your target audiences.

Hope see the new feature in TGS09.

gow_fan said...

It's a good idea to put something of this scale in the special edition(if you cannot put gow1 and 2 on blu-ray of course which is primary wish of everyone it seems ;))

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wish I were rich!! These looks very nice. Gotta have them as soon as i can afford it :)
// Patrizia

Anonymous said...

Your spelling is what really suck... Everything seems ok to me about GoW3. Its TOO early for them to push their Marketing since the game is not due 'till March '10, as to Uncharted 2 being due this October.
By the way, Bruno ... Ihope to see a behind look for the "Making of" GoW3 like SCEA did for GoW2; in-depth interview with the voices and people working on GoW3. Keep up the good job.

P.S. Please include some B@D A$$ costumes for kratos

Xcalibur said...


I think Uncharted and God of War 3 had the "same" method of marketing.

Both showed up at the VGA's,GDC and E3.

The only thing God of War 3 didnt do is show tidbits of the game like Uncharted did(They showed a brand new ice level and cinematic)

By the way Bruno, is the team having the occasional Halloween party like in the "Making of God of War 2"?. Because I thought that some parts were kind of funny. (The balloon game and the pie eating contest)


OKay...BRUNO.... LISTEN!! how the hell does a game like gears of war or halo sell shit loads of copy when u can tell god of war is more innovative more better gameplay etcc....and doesn't sell that GREAT ....exaplin cuz i'm shocked, honestly...

Anonymous said...

so, did any of the team go to comic-con?

gow_fan said...

well,not always best things are most popular ;)
But I think for the third part Santa Monica should make more hype,more advertisement...
More media info in the popular sites,megazines and etc...
More people should know about this amazing game said...

@ Xcalibur:
Not "same"
Uncharted 2 shows up at the SDCC09 with new feature and footage;GOW3 doesn't.

@ Anonymous:
Can u speak Chinese?lmao
BTW,ur English isn't as good as Xcalibur and others.

gow_fan said...

I hope in the next few months GOW3 will have another big press event where will be shown another part of the game.
After all 90% of the showed content was from the demo level(screens,videos ,info.)Yes ,in the PSM there was some things about two other levels and hades battle,but I hope for more :)

Anonymous said...

So, I just watched Invisible Walls EPS 67 on And they were talking about how Sony wanted them to censor the walkthrough because ESRB is pretty pissed >_<

gow_fan said...

I'm woried about the final game censorship...I really hope(like every gow fan) that there will be no censorship in that game.After all this is God of war.

Anonymous said...


Direct quote from you, '"your neighbour"' <- Thats an Endless FAAAIIIIIIILLLLLL!!. Chinese people know better English than you apparently.

"BTW", nobody likes a whiner so STFU.

Anonymous said...

Parece que tomaron en cuenta las sugerencias y criticas de esta persona ;)

quote" imho the real problems of god of war battle system are:

-bad air can't really juggle enemies in air effectivly like in dmc.....aerial combos don't work effectivily and then to interrupt aerial game.....also aerial L1+button combos don't work effectivily

-few ground have virtually only 1 ground combo with slightly variations....
the basic combo is [][][][][] can variate it with [][]/\ (slam) or with [][][][]/\ that is the same slam but it's more powerful and has a rallenty jump animation.
or you can do /\/\/\ that is slightly the same thing.
so you are virtually doing the same combo ever and ever....
.....isn't the time for God of War 3 to have more ground combos that are really different between them?
watch dmc or ninja gaiden....there are many ground combos....each one with different gow they are the same combo with a slightly different attack at the end.

-secondary weapons are too secondary! blades of chaos/athena are: powerful,fast,with long reach (and some crowd controlling moves like L1+[]) and many moves....the best in a single weapon...ok that blades of chaos/athena are kratos' trademark.....but damn...other weapons aren't comparable, expecially about lack of moves!

-blade of arthemis is slow,with short range and few moves

-blade of olympus is better but lacks moves! you repeat the same combo ever and ever!

-barbarian hammer is slow, with lame combos, few combos and you can't dodge :|

-spear of destiny....the best of secondary, nice reach, nice combos...
the problem is that it lacks moves, like every secondary weapon!

i repeat: ok blades are kratos' trademark....but make secondary weapons better, expecially with more combos/moves! it's useless to use them if blades are better in everything (and don't talk me about using spear of destiny for Clotho's path in the end of gow2 to place's unfair)

in ninja gaiden and dmc, each weapon is good...and you can freely choose there isn't a primary weapon and secondary weapons....there are many good weapons at your choice

-imho it would be cool to improve the blades of chaos grab feature.....i mean...when you are on the ground, you can grab an aerial enemy using blades.....well...imho if you improve this, on O button, in a similar way to Nero's Devil Bringer (dmc4) it would add a lot in gow combat system.
simply replace useless L1+O moves (very useless) with L1+O grappling you can grab with blades the locked-on enemy......even in air...
like ground-ground, ground-air, air-air, air-ground.
it would improve a lot the battle system, allowing you to create long combos like for Nero in dmc4......isn't too strange imho.....simply make the ground-air blades grapling feature also avaible for ground-ground,air-air,ground-air on locked-on enemy

imho if you will fix:

-aerial combat
-add new ground combos for blades of chaos/athena
-improve secondary weapons, expecially giving them more combos and make them as alternate weapons and not really secondary "useless" weapons
-maybe add this L1+O blades grappling feature

gow3 combat system could easily be very deep and funnier!"

Yo agregaría que usen un sistema de valoración de los combos al estilo de Devil may cry donde necesitas variar los combos para obtener SSS y más orbs, premien al jugador creativo.

PD: suerte con el juego said...

@ Anonymous:
We don't wanna ruin Bruno's thread and well-discussed atmosphere,so we won't relpy your farther ignorant comment.

BTW,nobody likes laming fanboy comment.So,F off.


Xcalibur said...


Well, Uncharted did show footage. But God of War is promoting an upcoming 7 issue comic to market GOW3. So they are basically even. said...

@ Xcalibur

Comic's cover is awesome.All great games publish comics,including mass effect.I'm looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Heard a strange rumor of a possible
Nariko costume for GoW3......

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Is there will be new footage/media or info at GamesCon ???I hope so so much...

Anonymous said...

please update us Bruno!

Justin said...

Hey god of war creators..just wanna say you guys are amazing =D

K I'm cut to the chase. Main reason I'm posting here is because I have an awesome idea for a god of war 3 unlockable. I actually went an mailed a letter describing it to sony Santa Monica studious. I hope you guys get it an implement it into the game..cause it's awesome! =)

K here it is

Well you know that in the previous games, while you level up your Blades of Chaos/Blades of Athena, their flames start to become bright and more noticeable, so what I would REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE and really appreciate is an unlockable option to change the color of the blades' flames, just imagine swinging the blades and watching those flames illuminate the screen with any color you want, yellow (like the original Blades of Athena), red (like the LV5 Blades of Chaos), blue, green, purple, white, and even black, how cool would the blades' flames look black? Or dark purple so to speak (giving it kinda like a darkness feel to it). This idea would probably be only able to work while you have your blades maxed out since the flames and color is much more noticeable.

I'm sorry, but I think this would be so bada$$!

Hope you guys read =D An do it of course haha

thanks again

-Justin said...