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Sunday, May 27, 2012

GT Countdown Video Game, Top 10 Most Anticipated Games Of E3 2012 HD | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos |

God of War: Ascension at #7!  Not bad for the sevnth game in the franchise...

GT Countdown Video Game, Top 10 Most Anticipated Games Of E3 2012 HD | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos |


EDK1010 said...

Hey Bruno! I'm really enjoying what you guys have done with the new God of War game. It's looking to be fantastic.

My favorite part is just how much more vibrant the games color palette seems to be as compared to God of War 3. It kind of gives more life into the world, and really helps out how the graphics look.

Tell everyone that the fans want you guys to keep up the great work! And that we are eagerly awaiting a demo... or at least a really good trailer!

rocky said...

hello bruno,saw the coverage for gow:ascension i love the graphical and combat upgrades you guys did,very proud of ssm

but i have one question:will we fight multiple creatures the size of titans in ascension?how are you guys planning to top the scale of god of war 3?

Anonymous said...

I just couldn't wait for any update on your blog, Bruno, that I'll just write my idea down here and now.

One day I came upon a great idea, which I believe could very well work in Ascension.

So there's this saying - before the death, all life for a man flashes by the eyes.

As we all know, God of War 3 ended on a tragical note.
So what if Ascension would start where, God of War 3 left off? Then Kratos remembers all his life and important events that happened, and from there starts the campaign of Ascension!
Maybe at the end Kratos would remember something forgotten, that brings back his vitality, will to live and he decides to crawl to the edge of cliff?

Then Ascension would serve as prequel, yet sequel. Something extraordinary in game storytelling.

That's just my idea. Oh well, I guess I so much want to see GOW4 for PS4 with 'Gladiator' type ending to Kratos life. :P

Bruno Velazquez said...

Hey guys, thanks for posting here. I promise that I am now back to answer your questions. GOW: Ascension is really coming together now and I can't wait to share more with you guys soon. At least I can now say that the main enemies will be the Furies. they will give the Sister of fate a run for their money for sure.

@EDK1010: The game will be a more colorful than GOW 3. We are exploring many new locatioons this time around since the action takes place in places other than Mt. Olympus.

@rocky: There will be some big creatures that Kratos will need to deal with. We are aware of the massive scale that fans expect and we will meet those expectations in different ways than the Titans.

@mperkons: That sounds like a cool idea. At this stage however, the story has been fully written and fleshed out. I will tell the story that we have is gonna be great. There are many great scenes that depict Kratos in a new light and will add to the previous games.