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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

God of War Kratos Life Size Bust

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rocky said...

Bust-just like God of War:Ascension.....hey Bruno long time fan here and I've posted here before as well so with all due respect for your hard work I'd just like to ask you one question,what happened to the invincible SSM?Ascension was not a fun game at all.I hope you guys return to form with your Playstation 4 game since Barlog is back as well but know fans are very disappointed with the effort,I've listed my issues with the game on NeoGAF in the OP here( and nobody even asked for MP.Even the sales tell the same story as I'm sure one of the reasons for the addition of MP was gaining more sales but I believe GoW:A won't reach anywhere near Gow III's LTD sales.Sorry if you find me rude but this is just an honest opinion from an honest guy who believes he feels the same as millions of his fellow hardcore GoW fans.