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Monday, December 15, 2008

VGA Trailer Aftermath

First of all, thanks to everyone for all of your comments on the previews post. Whether you like the trailer or not, I appreciate the fact that you all had something to say about it which means that you guys cared enough to take the time. For anyone that has missed the trailer here it is:

I've been reading all of the various websites for feedback about what everyone thought about the trailer. The comments were definitely very mixed with both positive and negative responses alike.
The number one complaint seems to be the graphics. I noticed that there has been a bit of controversy in regards to David Jaffe’s comments a few weeks ago. What many people have been stating is that he might have hyped the game too much in the graphics department. Well, all I can say is that Jaffe was correct when he said that he has seem more than what has been revealed as he has stated on the following post.
Here are some pics from the trailer along with some comments. Please continue to post some feedback and questions and I’ll do my best to answer. Once again thanks for your posts, keep them coming. Your feedback will only motivate the team to make this game better.

The Centaur makes a comeback from GOW 1 to faceoff with Kratos.

It would not be God of War without a Cyclops

Some new toys for Kratos. Please post some feedback on these.


Anonymous said...

GOW III look soooo much better in HD, the quality of earlier trailers don't do justice at all.

Anonymous said...

The new weapons feature in the trailer look fantastic in their design. Some people are saying that it's a lion's head. To me, it looks like Cerberus's head.

GuyaneseG said...

I think the Cerberus heads look fantastic, and also I think give us a bit of a glimpse into the game.

Anonymous said...

i like the blood splatter!!! the detail on kratos and the enemy's on the still screen looks awesome to me and to probably to the millions of other GOW fans as well.

Anonymous said...

Like the killer new weapon!
I'm guessing its going to be for only close range only. Also, like how Kratos gets to use it to kill those new enemies.

Anonymous said...

The surroundings that was show in the trailer, are very polished! Also, the cyclops animation looks great with the blood spilling out!

Anonymous said...

That centaur scene with Kratos running up the wall was pretty sweet.

tienoz said...

Really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Those gauntlets did look cool as hell. Wonder what the story on them is?

Anonymous said...

I like his gigantic boxing gloves from hell. :)

Anonymous said...

Kratos's face seemed pretty realistic to me. The way he showed the "effort" just before beginning to run was something impressive. I haven't seen that realistic face animation before. Cant wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

The gauntlets that Kratos was wearing looks pretty good. Looks like the weapons are based on the Chimera, to me.

izomax said...

I hope this is an early build.

1. The color of the background is the major issue, since it's gray, normal people cannot distinguish the subtle details. The sky and cloud for E3 trailer looked great, I think most people are expecting that.

2. The Uncharted 2 graphics just blew away everyone, I hope you guys can do better than that.

Everyone's expectation is so high that every inch of the screen will be scrutinized to death.

Quemador said...

Man, the world looks perfect i love every detail in it, but kratos.... Thats why people are upset. i mean the e3 trailer show a kratos that looks human ( i mean it) and then we see this thing running around... i think if kratos look better, we all are going to be happy.

pin said...

@ screenshot 1
Wall jump + QTE ?!

As for QTE , few suggestions here .

a: 2~3 QTEs for larger monster like Cyclops or
make QTE Shadow of Clousous style , jumping onto bigger enemy , dodging attack , stabbing , then after you reach certain spot , finish this poor guy .

b: Magic + QTE . It will be total awesome using the rage of kronos to electricity your enemy .

c: perform QTE in the air

d: Grabing multiple enemies .

@ screenshot 2
cool .

@ sceenshot 3
gauntlet of Zeus was a blast to use . This "gauntlet of chimera" looks indeed interesting .

In previous GOW series , L1+ "" are pretty useless above normal difficulty , those combos take damn long time
(1.5~2.5s) to finsih , it's just suicide in titan mode.

I know GoW ain't for hardcore players , but that's not excuse to implement a broken combat system only useful on normal
or lower difficulty .

As for all the fuss around internet , i have total faith on you guys in Santa Monica Studios .

Patrick L. Cakirli said...

Hi Bruno..

I have some questions for you.. And I know you probably can't answer any of them but I'm going to ask anyway :-)

1. What are the name of those gauntlets?

2. Is there going to be cinematic cutscenes in the game ?

3. When are we going to see more ?


SoOo That was my questions now for my feedback :-)

I loved almost everything in the trailer .. (I) think the graphics are amazing! but really need alittle bit on some of those spots with low texture.. by the way.. Where did Kratos get those boxing gloves? cause I would like to see them under the tree this year :-p

Btw sorry for the bad spelling and all.. :-s

Anonymous said...

I honestly think the trailer looks great. Obviously some parts seem unfinished, but there's probably a year left for development.
As for the new weapon: it looks great, but I think they should be reduced in size. They seem a bit too big to perform some impressive moves with.

I agree with what pin said about the L1 combos. While I don't think you should get rid of them (even in Titan mode I found them useful sometimes, especially in mid-air), but they must be mapped to another button. Mapping them to the defend button caused players to accidentally fire them when going from defense to attacking.

Nick said...

you guys better make the boss fights epic and where are the gods bruno?, isn't kratos at war with those guys?

Anonymous said...

Bruno, please take this as caution. The majority of the fans if not all of them have the feeling and the idea that kratos is going to fight against the Gods, please let the santa monica team in on that, because if you guys decide not have the story on that...everyone will be like ..."But i thought it's about the gods blah blah blah blah"

Cláudio said...

The movimentation needs a little bit more work, it looks a little ps2-ish sometimes, but damn, the game looks great.

Anonymous said...

why was the trailer so short?

goaliedude3919 said...

So did anyone else notice that the location of Kratos's scar from when Zeus stabbed him has changed? In GoW 2, the scar was diagonal towards the right side of his body. But as I watched the trailer for GoW 3, I noticed that his scar is now completely vertical down the middle of his abs. Was I the only one who noticed this inconsistency?

IamtheDestoryer said...

Im new here and ive seen the God of War 3 teaser on Spike video game awards and i have to say i think im the only one out of all of you people that actually enjoyed and was impressed by the teaser and yes it was short but it got me hyped for the game before but anyways....

All i really have to say is im really surprised by all of guys complainin about the graphics...from a game that is still in progress?? All of yall need to shut up and get a grip on reality the game wont come out till 09 of fall or winter!!! Come on guys really quit trippin yall dont appreciate ish anymore its all about the gameplay and story at the end of day i cant believe it i used to be a graphics whore but not anymore dont really care bout that just want a fun game that i can always come home guys please shut up and just appreciate that SCEA guys are even making this game!!

Ode1st said...

@ Picture 1

I'm a really big Prince-of-Persia-style acrobatics fan, but I don't think Kratos is the nimble kind of character. So, if there are wall runs in God of War 3, it'd make more sense for them to be quick jumps like in the trailer.

I think it'd be a little of out place for Kratos to start running along walls over gaps. It'd make more sense for him to just break the wall into a bridge :P.

davlai3 said...

Did anyone notice that in the opening scene where Kratos is battling the centaur, that his feet glow as he runs along the wall before he attacks. Could this be a new ability or power acquired from Hermes possibly? Just an observation.

lantus said...

The trailer was pretty cool, but entirely too short, and made up of clips that were too short.

GamerGod said...

@ screenshot 1

From the looks of it's hard to realize whether it's a power up or something Kratos is wearing (because of the COLOR change) on his feet which allows him to wall jump.

@screenshot 2

Look Krato's eyes. It seems facial expression in real time have been given a lot of thought, just like Uncharted.

Also note the gore. I expect it to be upped a little without making it look exaggerated. Kratos slices its neck if you take a look at the way he holds one of the blades.

I am sure the eye rip move will return and will also carry with it some sort of trophy support XD

@ screenshot 3

Like other said before me, it looks like the head of a chimera.
Also, the detail on them is pretty good.

GSX600 said...

Yes i agree, God of War 3 looks absolutely outstanding, these graphics are pretty good in my terms.

Anonymous said...

start the development all over....i'm kidding..DONT DO IT

Anonymous said...

looking good, as for the new weapon I like it.

Chris K said...

You wanna make god of war 3 good? take it from IGN!!!

GuyaneseG said...

Like Chris K said, that article is pretty interesting. I would like to some of the stuff they mention.

pin said...

IGN article

@Branching Quicktime Events (good , but not enough )

Don't you want your magic involved in QTE ?!.
Don't you want a new mechanic to give you the ability to grab all enemies on the sreen and perform deadlier QTE instead of one enemy?!
Don't you want a air QTE .

@Focus on the Blades
(This is simply a joke .)

As for online play , i don't think Co-op fit into singleplayer because of puzzles , but i do think challenge room of 100 levels
which randomize enemies combination would be awesome , and this is the only thing you need after no upgrade run through titan mode .

Anonymous said...

Here is a interview with Stig Asmussen at VGA

Bruno Velazquez said...

Hey Everyone, thanks for the comments. I'll try to answer as much as I can.

The new Weapon: Thanks for the feedback. Mostly everyone had a positive reaction to it. I wish I could tell you the name or about the lore but I cannot reveal any info about that yet. I will say that the weapon has a pretty cool story behind it. I am a fan of
the PSP Zeus Guantlet and I can say that this new weapon will be as good (The Ready at Dawn guys did a great job).

The Graphics and Kratos: They both will look much better
(They already do actually)

POP acrobatics: Kratos will still be Kratos, I promise.

L1 Button: Some of the combat designers read these posts so I keep writing your gameplay opinions.

Thanks for the posts!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the response Bruno.

Anonymous said...

The game looks awesome, would like to hear more in the coming months.

Quemador said...

You sound like a really cool peps, why you never share with us what games you have been playing and your opinion about them? did you work on street of rage?.

GuyaneseG said...

thanks for the update Bruno.

redsagaia said...

There has been a lot said about the Spike VGA video of GoW III, however, I did read some interesting comments from a couple of eagle-eyed gamers on another forum who picked out a couple of things in the video. I can’t remember which forum it was, so no links unfortunately. Apologies if this has been covered here already. Here is my take on what they observed. Beware those that still have not competed GoW II – there are some spoilers.

Have a look at the video again. Forget about the graphics and lion-headed gauntlets for a moment as these have been mentioned many times. At the start of the video, Kratos runs along the rocky wall, Prince of Persia-style, to then jump from that wall (evading the Centaur’s attack) to the other launching his own attack on the Centaur. Look at Kratos’ feet. They seem to emit golden ‘flames’ when he begins his wall-run. The golden flames are also present when Kratos jumps from the other wall to attack the Centaur.

In the next scene, look at when Kratos begins his attack on the Cyclops. Instead of diving under the legs of the Cyclops (GoW), or climbing up its arm (GoW II), Kratos does a rapid vertical jump to the head of the Cyclops, with golden flames coming off his feet.

Remember the video at the end of God of War II – when Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Helios and Hermes – were all looking down from Mt. Olympus at the advancing Titans? The young man dressed in white (Helios?) was wearing some sort of footwear with flames on it. Perhaps Helios or Hermes may be the first major enemy you fight, where you receive his sandals after defeating him.

The second observation is while Kratos is fighting the Cyclops. This bit happens so quickly it is easy to miss. Note how, immediately after he jumps to the Cylops’ head, the scene quickly shifts from horizontal to vertical. This might indicate that the battles take place on Gaia. Remember again, that last video in GoW II. Kratos was armed with the Blade of Olympus at the time - while on Gaia.

These are the observations I read that others spotted, so I am not taking any credit for them. It did make me look at the video almost frame by frame many times though!

Overall, this game looks epic!!
Thanks for all the hard work Bruno and the rest of the team!

Anonymous said...

@ Screenshot 2

love the detail on Kratos and same go es for screenshot 3.
Cant wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

u better fight the gods in this game, i'm ready for some ass particular i wouldn't mind facing off against Posiden

Stellar said...

=) I really can't wait..I want S.M to take their time.

The graphics should be better for a next-gen GOW =(

Concentrate on a loong single player campaign,forget multiplayer-however an Arcade Mode would be great for the replay value.

That's all!

Anonymous said...

Please make it so those cerbverus gauntlets seem alive! id love to punch zeus in the face only to have my weapons bite his head ofF!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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