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Thursday, March 5, 2009

God of War Series Evolution

I have to give great credit to the guys over at GT. All of the members of the GOW team were very impressed with this video and we are greatly flattered. I just want to set the record straight, all of the GOW 3 footage is rendered with in game assets and on the PS3, not a PC. Kratos and all of the enemies are the actual in-game models.


EDK1010 said...

Wow that IS great!

But I have a question... I've heard some people say that the latest trailer that came out was based off of your latest version of the game. I have also heard that the trailer was from a version of the game from last fall.
So which is it? Just want to set the record straight here.

Anonymous said...

where are you hearing this EDK1010?

Anonymous said...

hey Bruno, thanks for the reassuring reply! Appreciate that, can't wait for this game! I hope the team at Santa monica did not forget about the ship captain, that guy was great!!!

EDK1010 said...

@Anon1: just a few forums, I'm not sure about them, so I just wanted to check.

@Anon2: Yeah the ship captain should definitely be in the game! Poor guy is always abused.