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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Revenge of the Titans!

Here is a look at one of the Titans from the concept stages and all the way into the actual game! Nice work by Cecil Kim.


EDK1010 said...

That's a really nice drawing! O.O

But you should also post some pictures of what Andy Park posted. It's also very good.

My two favorite concept artists for sure!

Anonymous said...

God of War Series Evolution:

Anonymous said...

Hey Bruno, these are wicked art pieces ur showing here!

...the first pic with the titan and Kratos(??)look awesome, but the size comparison is a little off, if that was an accurate size difference carried over in the game, than these titans are no bigger than the colossus in GOW2, there was an interview where the director said that Gaia(or some other titan) could hold the colossus in thier hand, I just hope that is actually the case. PLZ make the titans HUGE!!!!

Bruno Velazquez said...

@ EDK1010: Thanks for the link, I didn't realize Andy had posted his stuff as well. I will most likely make a post about him as well.

@ Anonymous: Nice observation on the concept art in regards to the size comaprison. It is off indeed, the Titans in the game are much bigger than that, I guarantee it!