Friday, July 17, 2009

New GOW Stuff Coming Soon

Hi everyone, I know it's been a while. Lately we have been working some late hours and it has been thought to update you guys. I just want to give you guys thanks for all the support that you gave us during E3. We had some great feedback and we even won some awards from Gametrailers! Feel free to post any comments or questions and I will do my best to get back to you guys as soon as possible. in the mean time here a some cool God of War related things that have been popping up lately around the net:

GOW of War Comic Book coming in October:

Here is one of the covers done by our own Andy Park!

Fan made GOW statue:

GOW novel coming March 2010!


gow_fan said...

Do you mean that there will be some new media(trailer,screens,info...) from GOW3 coming soon?

Bruno Velazquez said...

I was refering to the Comics and the novel, however please stay tuned........

Anonymous said...

I "heard" that GoW3 will be at Comic-con.

My question is will it be the same
E3 demo, or will it be an entirely
new/different demo?

EDK1010 said...

Glad you updated your blog Bruno! All this new stuff for the GOW franchise, it sounds really amazing.

I do have one question though. Will the God of War comic series be an actual part of the story? Or just something made up?

I hope you still check out the GOW3forums website and also the official forums on the God of War site. The fans come up with really good ideas and I think the team should look at what the fans have to say.

Also how has the game been coming along? It seems ike you're working on it very hard! I'm still drooling after the E3 footage! Don't keep me hanging!

gow_fan said...

We are always tuned and ready for GOW stuff ... :)

Anonymous said...

Kratos gameplay in soul calibur psp

Bruno Velazquez said...

Answers: I haven't heard of a GOW 3 being shown at Comic-con next week, but if it is the it will be the same demo as E3 most likely.

@ EDK1010: God of War comic will be a brand new story that will fit into the God of war cannon. I'll be sure to keep checking GOW3 Forums! The game is rapidly comming together. We are taking some huge steps lately!

@ Anonymous: Wow how did you find that PSP footage? I'm not sure if Namco has officialy released that yet!

Anonymous said...

For soul calibur psp there are the videos on

lovell_lok said...

oh ! I want to know what is the meaning of " huge steps " ??

and will the game using the CGI cutscenes ?

Anonymous said...

.....gotta post this again.........

...hey bruno, for the L1+ [] combo, it looks like the same move in GOW2.........could u guys change it up a bit kuz the whole chain swinging thing really leaves kratos open for attack......and the player can't get out of it once the attack starts......

Bruno Velazquez said...

@ Anonymous: If gamespot has the gameplay videos for Soul Calibur PSP then I guess Namco released the footage. I'll have to make a post about that. I was involved in making sure that they represented Kratos well. It was awesome working with the Soul Calibur team.

@ lovell_lok: Meaning we are making great progress to the completion of the game. We are pretty much getting everything that we invisoned into the game without cutting things out!

@ Anonymous: About the L1 + [] special, here is the comment I posted before:

L + [] Special Move- This has been talked about since GOW2 and we all agree with you guys! This is why, if you look closely, in the E3 demo you can control the lenght of this move by pressing the [] button sveral times. If you press it once the move much shorter than in GOW2. The same goes for the Triangle Special, it's now a chargeable move.

EDK1010 said...

Not cutting anything out eh? I guess that might mean my prediction of having _________ in the game is pretty much confirmed. I don't know if I should say what I think it is, because I'd probably get shot down.

Also I'm still guessing Kratos' brother is not in the game. They haven't ever mentioned him in the series.
Unless the comic book... nah no way.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bruno,
I posted some questions in your last post when the new trailer came out. Can you answer?

Dear Bruno,
I can't wait until GOW III comes out. The gameplay trailer had some cool things: notably, the chimera fight, the Cyclops and Helios' kills, as well as the Icarus ascent (innovative).

However, I have some questions and suggestions.

#1 How does the official trailer at relate to the actual game? The official trailer was very fast-paced, the graphics extremely sharp/next-Gen, and had epic music playing in the background. The E3 demo, on the other hand, did not have the same level of graphics throughout. The exceptions would be at the start screen when Kratos looks refined as well as the part where you pull out the Cyclops' eyes. Other than those 2 parts, most of the demo looked like GOW II plus not like the official GOW III trailer. Another difference was the use of the cestus. In the official trailer, when several enemies pile on Kratos and he puts on the Cestus, they fly far and seem to be on fire. However, in the E3 2009 demo, the undead did not go as far and neither did they appear to be on fire.

#2 As God of War III involves a war between the Titans and the Olympians along with Kratos, it would be very nice if the Sony Team could incorporate into the game some of the lesser known but more powerful characters that participated in the Great War according to the traditional Greek myths. For example, in the original Titanomachy, Zeus and his sibling won the war against the Titans with the help of the Hekatonkheires. The Hekatonkheires were 3 giant sons of Uranus and Gaia born after the Titans. They had 100 hands (hence the name) and 50 heads. They could be bosses we meet right before Zeus who are tossing boulders as we ascent Mount Olympus. As Kratos is scaling Olympus, we encounter them. Naturally, they are using their 100 hand to toss boulders on his. We use a wind magic to deflect the boulders back at the giants crushing them with their own weapons. The giants arms could then serve as a bridge to climb further up the mountain.
Or he could use his new found grapple technique, to pull himself via one of their arms and start lopping them followed by kicking them into an abyss and burying them with boulders.

The game would truly be epic. Much more than just having simple monsters like Stheno i.e another Medusa.

This would truly be a Titanomachy!

The Gigantes, "Giants," were born from Gaia and the blood of Uranus that fell after Cronus castrated him. There were around 13 giants that had serpents for legs and scales of dragons for feet. Look how some of them died in the myths:

Enceladus: Killed by Athena when she threw the island of Sicily on him! Mount Etna is said to erupt because of him.

Polybotes: Crushed by Poseidon when he threw the island of Nisyros on him!

In the game, the giants could be sent by Gaia as a revenge for fighting/killing the Titans (reference to last seen in trailer where Kratos is lauching himself against the Fire Titan)

Having Large Scale Battles with Titans, Olympians, and Huge Monsters (Hekatonkheires, Gigants, Echidna, Ladon, Scylla, Charybdis, etc.) would really make GOW III very epic on a grand scale. said...

To Bruno,
1.Did u received our GOW3 DEMO feedback email?

2.Will GOW3 news or new footage pics and video be unveiled in GAMESCOM or TGS09?

3.Hope GOW comic would be uncensored,lol.

PS:"BRUNO"movie is fxxking @#$%...^,lmfao.

gow_fan said...

Is this mean that gow3 will have problems with censorship?I hope not...

Anonymous said...

When do you think we'll recieve new media??

BadassGamer said...

Nice update Bruno, I'm always checking your blog for updates, also I've sent you an e-mail with a few inquires, would be kind of you to get back to me on those. is my e-mail.

And lastly, You guys are doing a fantastic job, keep up all the good work.

Xcalibur said...

Hey Bruno.

There have been rumors circulating around that ESRB is stepping in the development of this game. Which means they could take out alot of gory details.

Please tell Stig to call security if they enter the office and start changing things :)

gow_fan said...

Yes,I'm worried too about the censorship that the game could get...And another question about this:Will UK version be the same as the US one???I mean there will be no censorship about UK compared to US one or there will be?

Bruno Velazquez said...

@ Anonymous:
The trailer that you saw in the website (The one with the fight on the Titan) is actually using all in game assets. If you look at the models of Kratos, Cyclops, Centaur, and the skelleton enemies in the trailer and in the E3 demo they are identical (Actually the are even more polished). All of the animations and moves seen in the trailer are the same as the ones used in the game. The only difference is that we scripted and staged the camera in the trailer and the E3 demo represents more of an actual game camera. Also the E3 demo represents only about 20 minutes of the entire game so you can expect to see many more enemies and Epic events to happen .

@ Endless: I did receive your e-mail. Unfortunatelly I am not able to send a copy of the E3 demo. This was only meant to be played at the convention floor.

I cannot say when but I assure you guys that there will be more info released between now and the release date!

The GOW comic should not be censored as far as I know.

@ gow_fan: Let's hope not. Don't tell Hillary Clinton about GOW3 please.........

@BadassGamer: I'll dig through my e-mail and try to give you a response soon.

@Xcalibur and gow_fan: I'm sure we will be just fine.........oh no sorry guys, agents of the ESRB have just broken through the front doors! I need to get outta here....they are taking over my comopu.............................